Seeing Assistant home was created to make it easier for you to recognize and manage dozens of items of everyday use. The application is replaces many specialistic products dedicated for people who are visually impaired.


  • Color recognition
  • Light source detection
  • Electronic Magnifying Glass
  • Bar and QR codes scanner
  • Bar codes generator
  • Bar and QR codes labeling

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Seeing Assistant home is a comprehensive application, which consists number of modules connected by a convenient and intuitive interface working along with the VoiceOver program.

The module that recognizes bar codes allows you to not only to read the code from the box, but also trough access to the internet, provides information on the product itself. You will be able to distinguish between orange juice from apple during shopping, and you’ll not only learn the taste of yoghurt even before opening it but also learn how much it contains sugar, fruit and other ingredients.

Creating customized labels for bar codes will allow you to label each product without using additional marks.

In addition, by printing and creating your own codes, both QR and barcodes, you will adjust your immediate environment to your own needs. You will label boxes with a different content, binders from documents, covers with some clothes and even household preparations. Each of them you can mark with your own QR code.

The magnifying glass will allow you to electronically enlarge too small, change the contrast or brightness text at any time. By shaking the device you can always switch on the auxiliary lighting. The magnifying glass uses also the front camera, this way it lets you use it as an extraordinary mirror. You can look at your face in zoom, so it is ideal for its care or impose make-up.

The light source detector is particularly useful for persons who are completely blind. While leaving the house or preparing for sleep you will never leave a turned on light. The application has a module that allows you to detect flashing light. This way, you will able to handle signaling devices (such as diodes, light light light) that inform you, whether the device is switched on or not, or if the battery level is low or high.

The module that recognizes colors will allow you to match clothes more accurately. It is very useful while grooming up and sorting clothes in order to wash them.

Only from your creativity depends on the extent to which seeing Assistant home will facilitate and streamline your day-to-day life.