Seeing Assistant Move was created to accompany you during your trip and pedestrian movement, making it easier, enjoyable and above all more secure.


  • Route planning
  • Directions recognition
  • Current location description

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Seeing Assistant Move was created for people with impaired vision as an aid to pedestrian navigation. Designed in such a way that it can be used anywhere in the world. Thanks to the wide possibilities offered by Move, you are able to plan and program your journey point by point and throughout its duration you will receive constantly updated information about your position.

When you activate tracking a selected point or route, you will start receiving voice messages on your position. The frequency of notifications depends only on you. This will help not only walking movements, but also allows you to track your current location when traveling by car, train or public transport.

The application uses among others pointbases that can be completed and shared with other users. In this way you are able to easily give directions to a selected friend or to recommend an interesting restaurant.

A very important Seeing Asisstant Move’s feature is the automatic route registration. It provides the user with an extraordinary peace of mind and sense of security. Thanks to it you can always return safely after your steps to the place from which you started the journey.

This App gives you information on what current location on request, searches for the address to which you want to go, gives you the list of and guide to points of interest in your immediate area.

The program also supports turn by turn navigation system implemented on Apple iOS and provided by Google Maps. In addition, it lets you explore the direct surroundings by touching the virtual maps. You can check the streets orientation and the location of places of interest you.

Seeing Assistant Move has a unique feature that expedites the work of an application. The program supports voice commands, so there is no need to stop to type during the march. Simply press the Voice Commands and issue the appropriate command.

This application as one of the few on the market allows you to navigate to the desired location without having to constantly being on-line. With this feature, you do not have to worry about problems with network coverage of your provider or while being abroad, roaming charges. Even without access to a cellular network or Wi-Fi you’ll continue to receive information about their position relative to the following location.

We have created for you a smart and extremely functional application. With its help, not only traveling but also ordinary walking around the city and the forest will become a real pleasure. With Seeing Asisstant Move the concept of self-reliance and self-sufficiency will take on a new meaning for you.