The light source detector will allow you to work with devices that use diode as an information tool. We believe that with Seeing Assistant Light you will feel comfortable in every day situations.


  • Light source detection
  • Informing about the light intensity
  • Flashing light detecion

The light source detector is particularly useful for persons who are completely blind. While leaving the house or preparing for sleep you will never leave a turned on light.

Use your iPhone as a light source detector. By analysing the detected light, you’ll get to understand the room or space. You can also use the light detector to make sure that devices such as lamp or TV have been excluded.

The application has a module that allows you to detect flashing light. This way, you will able to handle signaling devices (such as diodes, control lights) that inform you, whether the device is switched on or not, or if the battery level is low or high.

The Program is very easy and convenient to use. Information about the intensity of light is given by modulated sound. We hope that this simple application will help you to function in the surrounding us electric-electronic world.