Privacy policy and use of user data in the Seeing Assistant Move application

We attach particular importance to respecting your privacy. The data collected in the logs are used solely for the purpose of administration of the application. We do not seek to identify users of the application. No identifying data is provided to any third party for any purpose.

  1. Data collection

The following information is most commonly transmitted in the log files:

  • the public IP address through which the error report was sent,
  • device model,
  • information about version of the operating system of this device,
  • location data – geographical coordinates,
  • information about errors that occurred while using the application.

The above data is not associated with specific users of the application.

  1. User location data

In order for the majority of the Application’s functions to work properly, it is necessary to have constant access to location data (high accuracy), even when the Application is running in the background or on a blocked screen. This is due to the special purpose of the application – navigation for the blind and visually impaired. Most navigation messages are delivered via speech synthesis and not through graphical information visible on maps which are displayed on smartphone screens.

For user safety reasons and to ensure full app functionality, the application must have access to precise information about the geographical coordinates of the device at all times. This is mainly used to provide the user with information about his/her location in relation to other points in the area: addresses, street intersections, street crossings, bus stops, railway stations, etc.

  • All user location data is stored in the memory of the user’s device and at the express command of the user.
  • No location data of the application user is transferred to Transition Technologies Company in an automated way – user consent is required (sending of error log files).
  • Continuous or momentary tracking process of the User’s location on maps by the Application does not take place at any time.

Any data on the geographical coordinates that the device sends in the log files are not linked in any way to personal data and do not allow identification of the user.

  1. Use of data:

The collected logs are stored indefinitely as support material for the administration of the application. The information contained therein is not disclosed to anyone except persons authorised to administer the system.

Version dated 10.03.2022.