Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS

Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS application provides advanced services to alert and inform the user’s about their location – providing Address data and geographic coordinates. The program has been designed for users who need to be informed about finding out near the chosen location.

Where and how to use it?

The application will be very useful, e.g. during the journeys to work or school – a reminder of the approach to the station where you have to get off or change. Another way the application can be used is as an alarm clock that does not run at a set time but at the approach to the specified location – a longer journey by train, during which you could cut a little nap and be waked up by this application e.g. 3 km before the target station.

What can Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS do?

On the main screen, we are able to verify:

  • the distance to the nearest alarm – information supplied only when on the alarm screen list at least one of them is selected. In another case, after selecting this button we will hear the message “No active alarms”. Activating at least one alarm from the list we will receive a message in the following format “The next target (the name of the alarm) and then (the distance to it).”
  • GPS accuracy and speed, direction of movement and the height relative to sea level. GPS accuracy of 10m, is a very good signal quality.
  • our current position – obtaining the address data – a function where I am; This information is taken from the Internet and in the less urbanized areas, far away from the building (during the stay in vehicles on roadways) or  when the GPS signal is low, the data may be incomplete and inaccurate, e.g. we receive only the name of the village or adequate  postcode.

In addition, at the top of the screen, we have the following buttons:

  • “Monitoring” – two positional button, which activates or deactivates monitoring option. This function provides us with information about the current address within which range we find ourselves.
  • “Find address” – a feature that allows you to enter/dictate any address e.g. “Brighton Queens Road  12”. After validation of these data, the application will find the coordinates of the given address.

Now it is sufficient to add this address to our list of alarms. From this moment we do not have to worry about missing the purpose of our trip. Each alarm can be written with predefined values for the close and distant alarm, the number of repetitions and sound for each of them. These values ​​can of course be changed at any time.

  • “Add current location to alarms” – a feature that downloads the geographical coordinates of our location and gives the opportunity to save it in the alarm list under any name. If you made this action at the location for which have been assigned an address data, the application enters its data by default –name and the number of the street and the name of the village. Of course you can save these data under any other name.

Second tab – “Alarms”

We have here a lot of features that allow you to filter, search, and edit the items of the list of our alarms. Please pay attention, that in the editing options you have the possibility to send via e-mail your alarms in the standard GPX format. Want to take a copy of your important alarms? want to send someone an alarm? want to send the point from Seeing Assistant Move application and save it as an alarm? Here you are.

Third tab – “Settings”

On this screen you will find applications settings:

  • “Monitoring”

In the monitoring option you can set the interval of messages about address within which range we currently are and choose whether you want to be informed about each pass of the selected interval,  or also after satisfying the  condition of changing our position – we do not move on, we do not get information from the monitoring function.

  • “Default Alarms settings”

If you want to set your favorite values for every new alarm: radius for proximal and distant alarm, sound for proximal and distant alarm and the number of repetitions of a sound to be played for them, then go to the default alarms settings.

  • “Local Notifications” – a pop-up notification

Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS has a unique option that allows you to be informed of approaching a given location, even if the application is minimized. When a user is being located in the predetermined distance from one of the selected alarms then he will receive a pop-up notification, which will also be visible in the Notification Center.

In addition, to make pop-up notifications work properly, the Location Services must be enabled in the device. You can do this by going in iOS settings, Privacy and Location Services. When you turn on location services, you must make sure whether the Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS application located on the list is enabled.

  • “Speech synthesis”

The possibility of using the system speech synthesis gives fantastic opportunities to receive voice information from Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS, even if it works in the background or when we switch off the Voice Over.

Fourth tab – “More”

This screen contains the following buttons:

  • “About the application” – a brief description of the application along with a link to the website of the product and e-mail contact
  • ”Our other applications” – information about our other applications from the Seeing Assistants family
  • “Terms of use ” – terms of use of Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS application that we confirm on its first run
  • “Send Log” – the ability to send log data, which will allow our developers to identify and fix  any errors in the application. When sending logs, please be sure to remember to describe the problem in the functioning of Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS. In case of absence of the description, it will not be possible to identify the occurred error.

Additional Information

Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS occurs also in the Lite free version. Thanks to it, before making a purchase you can be thoroughly familiar with its functions. The lite version has the following limitations:

  • the possibility to save one alarm
  • monitoring option works 10 minutes a day

Seeing Assistant AlarmGPS application does not have a built-in speech synthesis. People with impaired vision should switch on in their iOS device VoiceOver or Zoom application.

All gestures for handling this application are given for enabled VoiceOver system screen reader program.

The application support gesture with two fingers “scrub” – back button action, while the actions that can be performed on the items lists, files and bookmarks, are implemented in the system rotor.

Before purchasing the full version please try the free Lite version and read the terms of use of the application.